Kezziah Zukas RSHom

I have been practicing homeopathy for twelve years. I started my four-year homeopathy course in 1990. It took me six years to complete. During that time, I had my third child and I also attained a diploma in counselling. I completed my registration process with the Society of Homeopaths soon after graduating. See: I am also a Mum of three grown up children.

Our lives become ever more complex as we struggle to move with the times, incorporating new technology at an ever-increasing pace. It is an anomaly that we live in a world with more and more conveniences, but yet, experience less and less time for ourselves. Whether they are physical or emotional problems that hinder us, reiki and homeopathy helps to even out the stresses and strains and heal the causes of illness.

My clinic is near Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

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